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Excessive worry, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, physical ailments muscle tension, increase heart rate, restlessness. 

All About Therapy

Our sessions are individualized to you and we start with where you are at emotionally. We take into consideration your social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.  We will assess what your needs are together and develop a clear goal and treatment plan with you. We will challenge any negative beliefs about the self and promote positive self-esteem through healthier thoughts and coping strategies. 

We utilize a variety of therapy techniques and modalities that are Evidenced Based Practices including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR),  Client Centered, Solution Focused, and Motivational Interviewing just to name a few. Effective therapy is ultimately understanding what works for you. Therapy is a process of growth and insight.


Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety commonly manifests physically through stomach pains, headaches, disrupted or excessive sleep. There may be feelings of apathy, sadness, guilt, irritability and fatigue.  

Depression may run in your family, or can be triggered by an adverse or traumatic life event. It can occur after childbirth or during seasonal changes. 

Anxiety is a normal and healthy emotion. During overwhelmed life stressors anxiety can become intense and feel disproportionate. This can cause a decrease in concentration, excessive worry, nervousness, muscle tightness,  an increase in heart rate, or restlessness. 

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma can be perpetuated by terrifying events in a person's life. This can include exposure to death, life-threatening occurrences, serious injury, violence, physical or sexual assault.  Traumatic events affect people differently. Symptoms can include severe anxiety, fear, uncontrollable thoughts, negative self-image, nightmares, intrusive memories and flashbacks.

Trauma-Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) techniques have been shown to be effective Evidence Based Practices (EBP) that can help reduce traumatic triggers and treat those suffering from trauma history.

Grief & Loss

In our lifetime we'll experience a loss at some point. Feelings of grief and loss are commonly associated with the loss of a loved one to death, but can include the loss to a severed relationship, a pregnancy, a pet, a  job, or a home.

Feelings of grief can become overbearing and cause symptoms that include feeling sad, hopeless, isolated, irritable or numb. A person's mental, emotional, and physical well-being can become affected if unable to process their emotions associated with grief and loss. Allow us to provide grief counseling and therapy to help you cope with your loss.

Couples Counseling, Intimacy and Relationship Issues

Healthy relationships are composed of trust, mutual respect, and healthy communication. Factors of everyday life can cause conflict and strain in these areas. Resentment, disagreements, miscommunication, lack of trust and intimacy problems may occur. Conflict in relationships may present other challenges like dissatisfaction with the relationship, feelings of neglect, and unhappiness. Abuse and severe depression are also indicators of an unhealthy relationship. 

Reestablishing a strong connection, communication and building trust is important to recreating a healthy relationships where both parties are considered. Seeking guidance from a professional counselor can help achieve a healthy safe environment for you and your partner.

Parenting and Family Issues

It can be challenging to watch a family member or child struggling. In most cases, there is no clear answer or way to communicate the need for support.  You may feel alone and like no one understands, but know you are not alone. Allow our team to help you resolve any unhealthy family dynamics or challenges your family is facing.

Family issues or concerns may include infidelity, divorce, being a single parent, codependency, unhealthy family boundaries, or parenting concerns.

For children and adolescents struggling with emotional or social needs, therapy can help them to navigate their thoughts and promote increased confidence and understanding.  


If you or a family member has had concerns related to raising a child with mental health, coping with a family trauma, managing domestic violence, or managing a family members' alcohol and drug abuse then talking to a professional can help provider guidance. 

Stress Management 

Stress can seem inescapable and uncontrollable when considering a demanding schedule, work and family responsibilities, financial burdens, and overwhelmed life tasks. Chronic stress can be complicated to navigate and it is normal for people to not recognize how their habits contribute to their stress.


Participating in therapy for stress management will help you to identify your stressors, work to make a conscience effort to change the behaviors or habits, and facilitate a healthier alternative for change.  Learning strategies like daily planning and mindful meditation can help you regain control of your life. A professional can help support you with managing your stress when it feels too hard to do alone. 


Our team regularly works to understand the unique challenges that those apart of the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A+ community may face.  We strive to support, advocate, and help facilitate treatment in a safe space.  Our team is  trained to offer mental health assessments and evaluation for Gender Affirming Care. Whether you're dealing with gender identity, acceptance, expression, or any other mental health concerns, we're trained to provide high quality culturally competent care in a place to where you can express yourself freely. 


.  We follow WPATH standard of care for individuals struggling with -gender dysphoria, and also help treat any gender identity concerns, adjustments or transitions. We utilize guidelines designed to promote the health and welfare of transgender, transsexual, and gender variant persons in all cultural settings. 

Treating the Professional

As a professional it can be difficult to find a provider who you can trust to understand what you're going through. We conduct our therapy in a safe, confidential environment and have various years of experience working with professionals in all areas and fields. Whether you're a mental health provider, physician, nurse, other medical staff, law enforcement, teachers, professors, or student, we will always strive to provider you with our best care no matter what your profession is.  Working with the professional is all about achieving peak performance and reaching your career aspirations. Learn how to cope with occupational stressors, develop self-care, and create a healthy balance between life and work. Career counseling can help you to achieve any desired goals, find personal fulfillment, and allow you healthy occupational functioning.

Mentoring and consultation also be available for those mental health providers working toward licensure. 

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